Technical Preparation for
the Interspecies Assemblies

The Interspecies Assemblies Live Action Role-Play is an online event that requires a little technical preparation from all Diplomats. These guides are provided to help as many Diplomats as possible to participate fully in the event. With a little effort, your preparation will help us create a memorable prelude for the Interspecies Festival, and the Treaty of Finsbury Park in 2022!

1. Before You Begin

What do you need to participate in the Interspecies Assemblies? If you're joining as a Diplomat, please take a moment to check your device's requirements and make sure you can join and participate smoothly.

Check your computer's requirements

2. Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Diplomats to the Interspecies Assemblies wear digital masks during the event. Our Setup Guide will walk you through each step needed to get your Mentor Species mask working.

Read the Step-by-Step Setup Guide

3. Joining the Assemblies

The Joining Guide outlines the step-by-step process of arriving and participating on the day of the Assembly.

Joining Guide Coming Soon...

4. After the Assemblies (optional)

Once the Assemblies have come and gone, the housekeeping guide will provide optional steps for removing installed event apps and help you tidy up your computer.

Housekeeping Guide Coming Soon...

Do You Need Help?

If you're having trouble, it's okay! The Interspecies Assemblies use tools and platforms that might be a little confusing to set up. For all troubleshooting enquiries, please reach out:

Get Troubleshooting Help