The Treaty of Finsbury Park is an immersive fiction that looks at what it would be like if other species were to rise up and demand equal rights with humans. What that means is you, as a human, can come and take part in the fiction only by playing for and as another species (so, like, NOT as a human ok?!). The project started in 2020 and it will run until 2025 when the Treaty itself will have been created and signed by all the species communities of Finsbury Park.

If colonial systems of dominance and control over living beings continue we all face an apocalypse.

With a planetary health check revealing over a million species on earth at risk of extinction because of humans, we decided to explore new ways of developing mutual care and respect on earth. We believe that by treating other life forms as resources to be managed and exploited for profit, rather than lived with and learned from, humans are condemned to lonely self-destruction. Biodiversity is crucial in mitigating the effects of climate change. As cities now hold some of the world’s greatest biodiversity can’t help but wonder if they also hold the greatest potential for positive impact. It's time to spark new ways of being, feeling and acting together locally, nationally, transnationally…

How to Join In

The Interspecies Festival of Finsbury Park 2023

A massive immersive role-play event for park lovers. Explore the park as another species, with new eyes, ears and totally new priorities. The Interspecies Festival welcomes ALL human people over the age of 9

Festival Prep Workshops 29-30 April


⇨ Sat 29 April 10 AM - 1 PM, Urban Rewilding, Finsbury Park

⇨ Sat 29 April 2 - 4 PM, Multispecies Choir - Redmond Community Centre, Main Hall

⇨ Sun 30 April 1.30 - 3 PM, Costumes making - Redmond Community Centre, Main Hall

⇨ Sun 30 April 3.30 - 5.30 PM, Multispecies Movement - Redmond Community Centre, Main Hall


⇨ Dig the soil and plant new trees with the Urban Rewilders of Finsbury Park…

⇨ Learn about the Mentor Species of Finsbury Park - the dogs, the stag beetles, the bees, the Canada geese, the grass, the squirrels and the London plane tree…

⇨ Learn how to think, move and speak like your given Mentor Species…

⇨ Make amazing costumes to enhance your Mentor species masks. Wow everyone!

⇨ Learn 3 short songs for Multispecies Choir: a lament, a protest song, and a celebration…

The Interspecies Festival Events


⇨ Sat 3rd June 12.30-5.00 PM, Finsbury Park

⇨ Sat 10th June 12.30-5.00 PM, Finsbury Park

⇨ Sun 11th June 12.30-5.00 PM, Finsbury Park


⇨ Revel in games and other activities celebrating the cultures and talents of all Finsbury Park’s species…

⇨ Help shape the first-ever interspecies treaty of cooperation for bountiful biodiversity…


⇨ Multisensory Mystery Tour: see, hear and smell the old forest through the sensory superpowers of squirrels, trees, and dogs…

⇨ Multispecies Choir: squeak, squawk, howl and honk “songs” of lament, celebration and protest…

Decide Together

It’s urgent that we act now to love and care for the webs of life around us.

So as the songs of lament, celebration and protest finish their last chorus it will be time to decide together with our new Mentor Species what should go into the Interspecies Treaty of Finsbury Park.

Everyone will be invited to choose from a set of proposed Treaty obligations and share their priorities and feelings.

Later in the year this collaboratively drafted Treaty will be on display (along with Festival highlights) for feedback, and for anyone and everyone to pledge action to serve the bountiful biodiversity of the park.